Why you need Funeral Insurance? Get 8 best funeral Insurers Nowadays


Find which Life Insurance company is offering the best coverage for your funeral cost. Follow our today’s session.  Here we are gonna include the eight best funeral Insurance company’s details.


Death is a universal fact. All living species have to go through it. As we cannot avoid getting dead, so it is wise to prepare ourselves to face it. Planning for the Funeral, not only ensures you are gonna a good funeral moreover it also stop the chance expensing any rising cost for your dearest one.

So let’s make easy the financial expense burdens for your family and find some perfect funeral insurance companies for you.

What is Funeral Insurance? Why you need it?

Funeral Expense/Burial Insurance/Burial Policy is smaller. Whole Life Policy which is featuring the premium for covering your death or funeral expense. The exceptional advantage of this policy is- users don’t need any Medical Exam to purchase it.

Rather more, any serious health condition also does not make the user disqualify for buying this policy. Most companies premium rates for this coverage is $2,000-$40,000.

However, before purchasing funeral insurance, let’s know some features of this policy-

  • A funeral policy features a locked premium rate throughout the whole policy life.
  • Guaranteed policy (never going to decrease)
  • No expiration of the policy (Until you die)
  • Facilitated with Cash value System (so you can borrow the cash value which you have accumulated with your policy).

So why do you need a Funeral insurance plan for you? The shortcut answer to this question is, to arrange the funeral cost of you. So you may feel irritated by thinking, my family is there, they will look after my funeral cost! Why I supposed to think about my Funeral, still I am alive!

The fact is if you have any chance to reduce your family’s financial upcoming cost, what you will do?

Moreover, it is going to be additional benefits for your family. Like, the death benefits they will get from your funeral policy, they can expand it on your Funeral and the remaining (if any) they can expense for other needs.

After you passed away, the death benefits from this policy will be delivered to the nominee(s) in the form of a check (tax-free). The money your nominee will get from your policy can use for your funeral expense, or wherever he/she wants. There is no technical problem to expanse the death benefits for any needs.

Funeral Insurance Companies:

It’s an individual plan. It can save the family from an arising cost of the funeral cost or Medicare-related cost (of the policyholder). So, to help you get perfect and capable funeral coverage for you, we have compared all the funeral policies available by today’s life insurers.

Finally, we got the below listed eight insurers is most worthy for you. You can purchase your funeral coverage from any of this below-listed company and can get affordable coverage for your funeral/burial/cremation and so on. Let’s choose one-

1. AARP Easy Acceptance Life Insurance:

Best For: Overall

Availability: All States (Except Mont., Minn., Mo, Etc)

Coverage Length: Until Death 

Coverage Amount: $25,000

Medical Requirement: No Medical Exam

Age Restrictions: 50 to 80

Pros: Online Quote Free, No Medical Exam

Cons: Nationwide Unavailable, Limited Benefits (First two years)

2. Gerber Life Insurance Life Insurance:

Best For: Overall

Availability: Not Disclosed

Coverage Length: Not Disclosed

Coverage Amount: $5,000-$25,000

Medical Requirement: No Medical Exam

Age Restrictions: 50 to 80

Pros: Never goes up the premium rates, Online Policy Application Facility.

Cons: Limited benefits (first two years), No example of Online Quotes

3. Foresters Financial Life Insurance:

Best for: Coverage Types

Availability: All States (Except Ore.)

Coverage Length: Up to 121 Ages

Coverage Amount: Not Disclosed

Medical Requirement: Not Disclosed

Age Restrictions:  Not Disclosed

Pros: Fixed Premium, Coverage age up to 121, Three Additional Riders with Zero Cost

Cons: No online quotes, Unavailable at Oregon State.

4. Globe Life Insurance:

Best for: Price

Availability: Not Disclosed

Coverage Length: Not Disclosed

Coverage Amount: $5,000 -$100,000

Medical Requirement: No Medical Exam

Age Restrictions: Not Disclosed

Pros: Low Starting Rates, Broad Coverage

Cons: Difficulty to get a Quote

5. Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Company:

Best for: Underwriting process

Availability: Not Disclosed

Coverage Length:  Not Disclosed

Coverage Amount: $2,000-$25,000

Medical Requirement: No Medical Exam

Age Restrictions: 45-85 years

Pros: Affordable Rates, Guaranteed Coverage, No medical Underwritings

Cons: Limited Benefits (First Two Years)

6. Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company:

Best for: Value

Availability: Not Disclosed

Coverage Length: Not Disclosed

Coverage Amount: Not Disclosed

Medical Requirement: No Medical Exam

Age Restrictions: 50-85 years age

Pros: Guaranteed Acceptance, No Medical Exam, Low per-unit cost

Cons: Different Coverage Limits depending on your qualification, Limited Benefits (First two years)

7. AAA Life Insurance Company:

Best for: Membership Discount

Availability:  Not Disclosed

Coverage Length: Until Death

Coverage Amount:  Up to $25,000

Medical Requirement: Not Disclosed

Age Restrictions: 45-85 years age

Pros: Lifelong Coverage, Premium Never Goes Up, Guaranteed Acceptance

Cons: Limited Benefits (For First Two Years)

8. Fidelity Life Insurance Company:

Best for: No Waiting Period

Availability: Not Disclosed

Coverage Length:  Until Death

Coverage Amount: $5,000-$35,000

Medical Requirement:  No Medical Exam

Age Restrictions: 50-85 years age

Pros: No Medical Exam, No Waiting Period, Free Online Quote

Cons: Mandatorily needs to answer on health questionnaires which further impact on your monthly premium cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

FAQ-One: What is the cost of a Funeral Insurance Plan?

Answer:  A Final Expanse Policy of $10,000 demand on an average $30-$100 (monthly) price from a leading company. The price of this coverage actually depends on the age, sex, health condition and the premium rate of the coverage. Besides this, costing of the coverage also depends on the company’s rules and offers as well.

FAQ-Two: Is Funeral Insurance is worthy for me?

Answer: The funeral cost might not be affordable for all families. Especially when the lead financial supporter from any family passed away, it becomes challenging for that family to arrange a rising cost for the funeral. This policy will never let your family fall in a financial crisis for your Funeral.

Final verdict:

Never make your Funeral too stressful for your loved one with a too-tight budget. If you are capable of arranging all the cost of your Funeral, why you will be the burden of a dead body on your family? The wise man doesn’t let any chance to make the burden on else.

Still, you can celebrate your life with your family; accordingly, you also can make a good sense to organize your funeral cost from any reputed Funeral Insurance.

As we have written some precise info about 8 Funeral Insurance companies nowadays, pick anyone from this list and let your family be peace on your Funeral.

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