Six Tips Before You Charter Your First Yacht

Six Tips Before You Charter Your First Yacht

Do you plan to charter a yacht for your next vacation? We recommend that you use these tips to plan your next holiday. These tips will ensure that everything runs smoothly. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Take a look at the important aspects

No matter where you are going, it is important to choose the right companions. You should plan your routes at least a few weeks in advance. The details of the trip should be discussed with everyone.

You can also steer the yacht yourself. It will be a lot of fun. You can hire a skipper if you don’t have the experience. Hiring a skipper has the advantage of knowing many routes. They can also help you plan your routes.

2. Select the right yacht

When it comes to choosing the right charter yacht, budget is key. You should also consider your sailing abilities, comfort level, preferred charter area, and local weather.

A catamaran is a great choice if you require lots of space inside and on the deck. A motorboat, on the other hand can be a great option if you need to move quickly.

3. Consider a Yacht Charter Insurance

When it comes to yacht charter, the most popular types of insurance are the deposit and skipper liability insurance. It’s a good idea to get insurance to avoid arguments between friends later.

4. Experience is required to charter a yacht

You can charter a yacht if one of your group members has a skipper’s license. Greece is an exception. At least one additional member of your group must be able to co-skipper.

It is much easier to sail in good weather, but it can be difficult to control your boat during storms. It is better to hire an experienced skipper in such situations.

5. Charter Season and Sailing Weather

You should be able to adapt to the local weather conditions and wear the appropriate clothes. If you plan to visit the Balearic Islands during August, it is possible that there won’t be any rain. It may be warmer during the day, but it might be colder at night. You might also get a lot rain.

6. Other Things to Consider  

You should allow yourself ample time to review all of the details before the big day. You need to be there on time in order to have a cup and learn a bit about the port.

Deck shoes, sailing gloves and sun hats are essential. You will also need personal medication and a travel guide.

These are some of the things you should consider before chartering a yacht.

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