Reviews on American Life insurance Company (ALICO)


ALICO, American Life Insurance Company, delivers some best life coverage & supplemental health policies to the customers. Before purchasing a policy from ALICO, let’s read an overall review of ALICO.

American Life Insurance:

Selecting a life insurance provider is a big deal both for you and your family. As life insurance is the friend in need after your death, it is mandatory to rely on it solely. American Life Insurance is an international life insurer that provides varieties of legitimate policy coverage through a different marketing strategy.

Does ALICO (American Insurance Company) is Legit? Does it have any disadvantages? What did you suppose to know about ALICO?

Here are details about ALICO; read everything very carefully before signing up for this company’s insurance-

About American Life Insurance (ALICO):

The establishment time of ALICO is 1951, and the placement place is WACO, TEXAS. The first attempt of ALICO was servicing the Supplemental Insurance to the Credit Unions and Labour Unions. But after that, it has expanded its service through a wide variety of other policies. ALICO is a Subsidiary of GLOBE LIFE with its license for selling the product through 49 states (including Washington DC, Canada). ALICO is not licensed for New York, but National Income Life is the subsidiary for ALICO to sell a product in this place.

The most promising matter of ALICO is multi-level marketing techniques using lots of new agents. All these agents got payments according to the commission system (they got from policy sale), so agents are always keen to increase their monthly salary by selling the policy as more they can.

The policy offered by American Life Insurance:

ALICO got an A+ rating from AM BEST. Already you might know that AM BEST is one of the independent firms that work to rating all the insurers based on their financial stability. Therefore, the rate we got from this firm is valid and valuable.

ALICO is best for Whole Life Insurance Policies. The Whole Life Coverage with additional Terminal Illness Rider form ALICO offers you a cash value component with the death benefits after your death. ALICO doesn’t provide any DIVIDENDS to the policyholder. What it does is it only contributes a 4.5% guarantee rate on the nit policy growth.

Be sure about the Whole Life Coverage of ALICO, as it will never offer you any dividends to you as other company does. Therefore, you have no chance to make so much money with the whole coverage from ALICO.

ALICO also offers Term Life Insurance. As usual, the term coverage form ALICO features the term in between 10 to 30 years.

Most of the people choose the term coverage from ALICO instead of whole coverage. Term coverage does not offer any cash value nor death benefits, but it is less pricy, and it gives the best value for the paid money.

Another coverage form ALICO is some Supplemental Health Insurance. These Supplemental Health Insurance coverage the Accidents Insurance, Hospital Indemnity, Cancer Protection, Critical Illness Insurance, etc.

All these policies help the policyholder continue their treatment as an ongoing process into the hospital for an extended period, or they just ended up after taking an ongoing Medicare. Before thinking these supplemental policies are appealing for you, compare other Health Life Insurance Policies from other competitors. With the same investment, it might not difficult for you to find the best coverage for you and your family.

Marketing policy of American Life Insurance:

The working mechanism of this insurance company is multi-level marketing through new recruiters. So, does this mechanism is perfect? Or it has some negative impact on the policyholder?

The first thing is, most of this recruiter is fresher, inexperienced, and unable to know in-depth about the policy details. An experienced recruiter or agent can give the applicant an expert guideline. But a newbie agent cannot do it all time.

A recruiting job is a sort of marketing policy, based on the convincing power of the agent. Most often, these recruiters are a part-timer; getting money is the only motive of them. Therefore, they are prone to convenience the customer rather than gives the proper info about the types of coverage clients may need.

Additionally, these agents only got money when they sell a policy to the customer. That is, they got a commission per policy. Therefore, the customer often gets biased by the new recruiter’s improper or partial info from ALICO.

Moreover, may old recruiters be very concerned about making only the new recruiter (from which they got a good percentage). So, the quality of the customer service and the chance of getting the right policy from good insurers most often disrupt American Life Insurance Company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

FAQ-One: What Is American Income’s Customer Service Like?

Answer: Basically, ALICO got a poor review for the customer service they offer. First of all, it is challenging to get agents or customer service when ALICO’s policyholder needs. Besides this, the approval time for a Life Insurance Policy is lengthy, and the application procedure is also so confusing; most often, applicants cannot go through smoothly.

FAQ-Two: What kind of company is American Income Life?

Answer: It is a subsidiary of Globe Life Insurance Company. ALICO is licensed to sell its product through 49 states, including Canada and Washington DC. New York is excluded from the list, but there is an ALICO subsidiary to sell the product. ALICO sells life coverage, including term life coverage and whole life coverage. They also provide several supplemental health insurances.


American Life Insurance sells all the Legitimate Life coverage to the customers. ALICO has a strong financial background, and already it pays the claims successfully to lots of customers.

As you cannot judge any insurer based only on their legitimate coverage or financial background, there are still several concerns concerning aspects. Because ALICO features a multi-level marketing strategy, applicants often do not get the expertise and reliable agents to catch perfect coverage.

Whole Life Coverage does not offer many amounts of money like other competitors, nor does it provide any customizable offers. Therefore, many conscious clients often prefer other insurers for purchasing a Whole Life Insurance Policy.

However, each insurer has both pros and cons. ALICO also has the same. Now it’s up to you how you can go with ALICO!

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