List of 5 best Senior Life Insurance, you should not miss anyhow


Do not lose your hope thinking the seniors don’t have any perfect policy coverage. Our today’s list can help you find the ideal Coverage for the Senior Life Insurance. So, follow us.


You don’t need to think the senior citizens have fewer opportunities to get suitable life insurance. Still, many insurance companies are available in the USA, offering good Coverage for the older people of 65 plus. Even a few companies are offering more for the seniors; they offer policy coverage up to 90 age as well.

Many insurers are available today, so it can be overwhelming for the senior citizens to decide which Senior Life Insurance is worthy for them. However, if you are an aged citizen looking for the perfect Coverage for you, we are here to help you.

We will look after the best senior life coverage for you. We have researched the old Coverage from 20 plus insurers and compiled a short list containing the top graded five.

Without further ado, please let’s move forward to find the details-

Best Senior Life Insurance:

Many insurers are present around you offering so excellent Coverage; it is very tough to select the best among them. However, we have made a list of the five best Seniors Life Insurance Company for our citizens. Let’s, reduce the hassles of our citizens to find capable insurance for them. Follow our below-listed list-it will need for the senior person to present to your family.

New York Life Insurance Company:

New York Life Insurance company is one of the largest (Based on Revenue insurer in the whole USA. This insurer is perfect for Coverage of Life, Term, Whole Life, and Universal Life Policy Coverage. So, the senior citizen exceeding 65 years of age can purchase Coverage from this company. The reason for which New York Life is best, it offers dividends to the policyholder on some of its plans.

So, it is an additional advantage for the senior person. The Whole Life Policy form this company eligible for seniors up to 90 age. And the seniors will get dividends from this policy. Again, The Term Life Policy is suitable for up to 75years aged seniors. And the senior policyholder will get another advantage to conversion facility of this policy to a Permeant Coverage.

The Advantage of New York Life Insurance Company:

  • Dividends Benefits on a few Coverage.
  • Living Benefits Options (Chronic and Terminal Sickness).
  • Spouse’s Paid Up Option (Term Life Policy).
  • Paid-Up Additions (Whole Life Coverage).
  • No medical Exam for AARP Members.

John Hancock Life Insurance Company:

John Hancock offers the citizens all the Term, Final Expense, Whole, Universal Life Coverage. This company is also on the top line for giving some adequate coverage to senior citizens. An option like Accelerated Death Benefits, Potential Premium Refunds, Flexible Underwriting (Health Issues) is the crucial Coverage included by John Hancock for the senior policy.

Term coverage from John Hancock can purchase with age up to 90 years (starting from 10 to 30 years). Seniors can get the advantage of no medical exam (need to answer some questionnaires) for getting the term coverage. This insurer sells its Whole Coverage up to 80 (Maximum $20,000 Death Benefits). And for permanent life policy, seniors with 121 age can purchase it. The Coverage of this Permanent Life Policy is- Death Benefits, Flexible Premiums, Cash Value Accumulation, etc.

The Advantage of John Hancock Company:

  • Vitality Programs for the Policy Holder (including the Senior too).
  • Includes Fitness Tracker, Healthy Food Discount Plan, Discount on Various Wellness Devices & Services.
  • Plan for Diabetics, Quit Smoking Incentive Program.

TransAmerica Life Insurance Company:

TransAmerica has the Coverage for Term, Whole, and Universal Life Insurance with the benefits of seniors’ eligibility (up to age 85) to purchase all these policies. Seniors expecting the perfect guaranteed Issue Final Expanse can pick from TransAmerica. TransAmerica is ideal for with the Instant Coverage, Quick Underwriting, Budget-Friendly Plan, Premium Payments Options.

This company has a fair offer for all the Term, Universal, and Whole Life Coverage in the USA’s senior citizens.

Advantage of TransAmerica Life Insurance Company:

  • Guaranteed Issue Final Expense.
  • No Medical Exam.
  • Level Premium.
  • No Waiting Period.
  • Death Benefits Ranges within $1,000 to $50,000.
  • Issue Ages for 80 or 85 Plus Years Seniors (Depending on Each Plan).

AIG Life Insurance Company:

With the Eighth-Largest Life Insurer title, AIG offering the Term, Universal, Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Coverage to the seniors. Though AIG’s Term coverage starts from age up to 35, it is available for 80 (Until) seniors.

AIG coverage the death benefits of approx. $ 25,000 for the senior policyholder with the age of up to 85 years. But policyholders might get a reduced death benefit in the first two years of this Coverage if he/she dies for an intentional reason (like suicide).

The Advantage of AIG Life Insurance Company:

  • Coverage Up to 100 plus aged seniors.
  • Availability of QOL Products with zero cost (For some plans).
  • No Health Questions.
  • Death Benefits of $25,000(Up to the age of 85 years seniors).

Northwestern Life Insurance Company:

Northwestern Life Insurance has a reputation in the life insurer market because it pays Dividends to its policy owners. Northwestern has Coverage of 17 Different Life Insurance Plans (Estates Plans, Building Wealth, Wealth Transfer).

Senior citizens searching for life insurance covering Estate Planning can go with Northwestern Policy. Northwestern includes the policy of Term, Whole Life Coverage, Universal, Second-to-Die Plans.

Advantage of Northwestern Life Insurance Company:

  • Seniors also can get the term life coverage for 10,20, or 30 years. (Level/Increasing Premium Plans).
  • Eligibility of Dividends up to the age of 80. (Whole Life Policy)
  • Estate Plane in the Whole Life Policy.
  • Flexible-Premium Options, Guaranteed Death Benefits /Cash Value (In a customizable way).
  • Living Benefits on Many Plans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

FAQ-One: How is The Cost of Term Life Coverage for The Seniors? 

Answer: As usual, the policy cost is depending on the policy types. Suppose you intend to purchase a 20 years term coverage with your 60 years age, so you will have to pay $100-$200 monthly in that case. And if you purchase this policy at 75 years of age, the cost will increase to $550-$876 monthly.

FAQ-Two: Does Life Coverage is worthy for the seniors? 

Answer: Though this policy’s cost is high, it doesn’t need any medical exams for the seniors. And the seniors, when includes any Long-term care riders (like, Chronic Illness), Living benefits Riders, make them independent for covering the cost of any Accelerated Death Benefits Option.

Final verdict:

Finding the perfect Seniors Life Insurance is not so tough; you may think unnecessarily. Follow our list; we have covered five insurers details based on the Maximum Issue Ages offered with their policies, Conversion Options, Available Riders with their policies, and so on.

We also research the price comparison and the company’s websites to get the seniors’ perfect plan. So, you can solely rely on our list to get the Coverage more satisfyingly.

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