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Are you in a limited time to search the perfect  Life Insurance for yourself? No problem, you can get online coverage from your laptop or Smartphone. Let’s see the details-


Days had gone when most people had to physically meet or talked over the phone to the agent or salesman to know the quotes of life insurance. Nowadays, few Online Life Insurance Companies make all the procedures easy for you so that you can quickly know in details, and easily purchase the coverage from online.

So, the option for online life coverage is so grown up now, you may lose your way in the mess of all. Here we have come with a fixed list.

Hopefully, it is going to help you to determine where you should stop your searching.

Let’s dive for the details-

List of Online Life insurance Companies:

Let’s see the broader list of Online Life Insurance Companies. Visit the Insurer’s websites (included here) and decide from where you can get a perfect online Life coverage.

Northwestern Mutual:

It is the largest life insurer in the USA, offering both the Life and Term coverage online. Universal and Whole Life coverage is the top products of Northwestern Mutual Company. Flexible-Premium payments, User-beneficial coverage, moreover the opportunities of conversion of term coverage into permanent coverage (with a medical exam) etc. are all the useful features of Northwestern Mutual. It is wise if you visit Northwestern website and get a free quote for you.


Like Northwestern, Guardian also offers the online sell of the term, permanent (Universal and Whole) coverage. The key benefit of the Guardian is, according to your financial needs, you can increase or decrease the premiums. Person Living with a certain disease can purchase the Whole Life Coverage from this company. The eligibility is defined in between 20to60 age, and free of AIDS Defining illness.


The Accelerated Underwriting (Algorithm which usage massive data) included in the Haven website so that the user can quickly assess the insurance details. Within just 25 minutes you can purchase the online coverage from Haven website. And the last broader limit of the life coverage from this company is $3million (Oh My God!).


Mass Mutual has a good percentage of market shares in the insurance fields. The online product of MassMutual is Term Coverage and Variable Universal Life Coverage: the flexible Premiums and the Investment system are cooperative for all users. However, you can purchase Universal, Whole and Standard Term coverage from MassMutual.


Though USAA’s term coverage only for military backgrounds people, a non-military person also can get the Life coverage from this company. Mostly USAA policies purchased instead of Government Provided Group coverage. And the term coverage they are offering for the military person can buy at any specific term like war. And the coverage also can enhance while they get married, or give birth a baby.


AARP is perfect for a Group Life Coverage. And age with 50 or 50 plus can virtually join to this group coverage. All coverage of AARP is issued from New York Life. You can get all the Term and Whole life coverage online. The main draw of AARP is, it judges your eligibility based on your application and some questionnaires about your health. You don’t need to show any medical exam report here.

New York Life:

It is a Mutual Insurer, and the policyholder from this company is the owner of this company. It has both the online product of Term coverage and the Permanent Coverage. The Whole Life Coverage from this company offers you an early pay-off the payments for your flexibility of premium payment system. It also has the conversion facility of the term coverage into permanent coverage.

State Farm:

Though State Farm is famous for the Auto loan, still it is offering some life coverage with a more comprehensive range with few riders. People with age of 16-45can get an instant coverage of $50,000 premium without no medical exam from State Farm. And the term coverage includes here also are convertible to permanent coverage. Whole Life, Universal Life, Variable Life Insurance policies are the permanent Life Coverages which are the available products of State Farm.

Pacific Life:

Pacific Life Insurance offers the products of Term Life Coverage, Permanent Coverage (Universal + Universal Life Coverage) online. The most exciting fact is, Pacific Insurer is the Top-Graded Seller of Indexed Universal Life Coverage both online and offline. Some users often get confused about the Indexed Universal Life Coverage, thinking what will be the fate of this coverage if the stock market suddenly falls? Pacific Life Insurance has a Guaranteed floor, so your cash value of this coverage has a rare chance to get down.

 Penn Mutual:

Penn Mutual also owned by all its policyholders, So a customer of this insurance company has the right to claim the dividends this company perform well. You can purchase both the term and the permanent plan online from this company’s website. And if you are buying one Term Life Coverage form Penn Mutual, you can convert it into Permanent Coverage (Even don’t need to prove your health condition is good).

Some other Online Life Insurance Companies which offers you online quotes and the coverage are-
  • Principal Financial Insurance Company
  • River Source Insurance Company
  • Banner Insurance Company
  • Ethos Insurance Company
  • John Hancock Insurance Company
  • Lincoln Financial Group Insurance Company
  • Nationwide Insurance Company
  • Prudential Insurance Company
  • Securian Insurance Company
  • Bestow Life Insurance Company
  • Fabric Life Insurance Company
  • Ladder Life Insurance Company
  • Policy genius (Insurance Broker)
  • Sprout (Insurance Broker)

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

FAQ-One: Does Online Life Insurance is Difficult to get?

Answer: Not at all. Moreover, it is significantly more comfortable and quicker than purchasing the coverage directly by presenting into the bank. The online life insurance offers you a few minutes to get a free quote and finally, the coverage. Sometimes they don’t ask the medical assessment of the customer too.

FAQ-Two: What is the best Online life Insurance in the USA?

Answer: Bestow, Fabric, Haven Life, Ladder, LeapLife, Policygenius, Prudential, Quotacy etc. are some best online life insurance companies in the USA. You can pick anyone from this list to proceed further.

Final verdict:

Before purchasing one Online Life Insurance, go for the company which match you afford and coverage limit. We have listed here more than twenty insurance companies name which provides the online coverage.

However, we don’t make a short best list for you. You know why? As you have to visit the Insurer’s websites, so we are leaving the responsibility on yourself to find the best among this list.

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