5 Best Pet Insurance for dogs: Look at a glance

Why Do You Need Pet Insurance for Dogs?

Only the dog owner knows how much have to afford for a dog. Not only the basic needs of the pets (especially the dogs) are costly today. The veterinary cost, living cost, any special treats, toys, clothing’s & other accessories (if you are fashionable) everything getting so much expensive nowadays, the total cost for a dog thus can go over the affordable range of the pet owner.

So, let’s come to the main points, the total living cost (annually) for your dog or cat could be-

Food cost for the dog-$259

Food cost for the cat-$228

Veterinary cost for dog-$212

Veterinary cost for the cats-$160

Veterinary cost for the dog (for surgical purpose): $426

Veterinary cost for the cat (for surgical purpose): $214

Others cost (Toy+ Accessories +Treats+ Beddings): Minimum $200-$500

So, you have to afford massive money per year for your dearest pet. Now, the main question is how pet insurance for dogs could help you reduce this high living cost of your dog? The pretty simple answer to your question is, you can convert the responsibility of the veterinary expanse of your pet on any capable insurer.

Let’s see the five most capable pet insurers list nowadays-

5 Best Pet Insurance for Dogs:

Pet Assure (Best Overall):

Pet Assure offer you the coverage of a traditional coverage for your dog offering some exclusive benefits. Pet Assure’s all plans are flexible, never sense for Annual Coverage Limits, they do not subject for any waiting period or a deductible the coverage for any reason.

If you purchase a policy from here, your pets will get all the coverage for accidents, illness with any preventive care. If any dogs have any pre-existing medical condition, also can get the coverage from Pet Assure.

Pros of Pet Assure:

  • Monthly Fees are deficient
  • All types of household’s pets can get coverage form here
  • No annual Limits/Deductibles
  • Never subjects for any waiting period
  • Pets with the pre-existing medical condition also get payments

Cons of Pet Assure:

  • Prescriptions are not covered
  • Only limited to individual veterinarians (in-network)
  • Only gives a 25% cost

PetFirst (Best for Routine Care):

PetFirst becomes one of the best pet insurers with the Wellness Rider, which available with other affordable benefits for the dogs too. Wellness Riders are best for routine care of the pets. And it also can exert its good financial services for an Average Annual Expenditure.

Pet always has any booster shots, are perfect with the routine care rider of PetFirst. Treatment like Checkups, Vaccinations, Flea, Tick Preventions with as usual accident and illness plans of this insurer could be great for your dog.

Pros of PetFirst:

  • $125-$575 Annual Wellness Benefits
  • Online Resource Center
  • Low Deductible Amounts (Only $250)
  • Accidents coverage start to works just after the next day; your pet got this coverage.

Cons of PetFirst:

  • Any Accident-only plan is not available
  • Maximum $10,000 cost for accident or injury plans
  • Treatment coverage further fluctuates into each individual

GEICO (Best for Discounts):

GEICO not only best for human life insurance, but it is also suitable for pet insurance. GEICO offers the most affordable rates for pets. Low Base Pricing plus an Additional Savings is the key features of GEICO pet insurance. Pet owners can pay less as GEICO is very generous for giving discounts.

Additionally, a dog owner also can save huge by paying the entire year’s rate upfront, enrolling multi-pet coverage altogether. GEICO also offer the pet owner more controlling over the payments. If anybody has a tight budget, can lower the Annual Limit or can raise the Deductible Limit.

Pros of GEICO:

  • Very Generous for offering discounts
  • Low Premium per months
  • Flexible Policy terms
  • Has Wellness Benefits

Cons of GEICO:

  • A third-party enrollment for policy administration
  • A low value for the wellness coverage
  • Online Resource is limited
  • No Unlimited Benefits.

Embrace (Best for Emergencies):

For any emergency injury situation, Embrace will pay for your dog on any Licensed Veterinary Hospital. Embrace also give the accident benefits just after two days your pets got the coverage. Getting emergency cost is most often such needy things; most of the car owner only awaited to get it.

Both the Accident-only or Accident +Illness Policies form Embrace offer this emergency cost. You need to visit any licensed vet clinic with your pet for being eligible to get the cost from this plan.

Pros of Embrace:

  • Offer emergency cost at any licensed vet clinic or hospital.
  • For accidents coverage, offers a short waiting period
  • The accident-Only plan is available
  • Vanishing Deductible program

 Cons of Embrace:

  • Mediocre Wellness Options
  • No Unlimited Benefits Options
  • Deductible amounts don’t become zero
  • For monthly payment, needs additional payments

ASPCA (Best for Holistic Care):

ASPCA has coverage for dog, cat, multiple furry members with a multi-pet discount of up to 10 per cent. If you have two or several critters into your home, you can purchase a multi-pet coverage form ASPCA with ten per cent discounts. And that’s why it becomes so perfect and best for the multiple pet coverage.

ASPCA also offer some other plans for the pets. Both the cats and dogs are eligible for getting an Accident -only plan and an Accident+ Illness plans. Taking care of your pet becomes so easy and straightforward with ASPCA. Once you got the coverage, visit any registered veterinarian presents in the USA/Canada with your pet. Save a copy of all the bill. Submit all those copies to ASPCA’s Free My Pet Insurance App.

Pros of ASPCA:

  • Offer 10% discounts for multi-pet coverage
  • Coverage both the dogs and cats
  • Has Smartphone apps
  • Applicable both for the licensed veterinarian from U.S & Canada

Cons of ASPCA:

  • No Unlimited Benefits
  • ASPCA doesn’t directly administer the policy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

FAQ-One: Who has the Best Pet Coverage for the Dogs?

Answer: Pet plan (For early coverage), ASPCA (Multi-pet plans with 10 per cent discounts), PetFirst (Preventive Care Coverage), Pet Assure (Discount Club), Pets Best (Older Pet Coverage) etc.

FAQ-Two: What is the Best Pet Insurance?

Answer: Pet Assure, PetFirst, PetPlan, Embrace, PetBest, ASPCA, Figo, Hartville, 24PetWatch, USAA etc. are the best pet insurers nowadays. Please read our full article to know insurer from this list how is entirely covering any specific categories.

Final Verdict:

Finding the best pet insurance for dogs actually not so challenging job many pet owners might think! It would help if you did little homework online to get affordable coverage with more benefits. Instead of this, you can simply follow our list as well.

Lots of love for your dogs!

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