5 Bad Credit Auto Loans: Explore your dream to get a new car


Don’t blame yourself why you have a low credit score! Let’s forget the horrible score you’ve. Still, you can expect Bad Credit Auto Loan. Just follow me.

Bad Credit Auto Loans: 

Whether a good credit or bad credit score, dressing yourself up, going to the bank physically and talking with the bank agent, furthermore convincing him/her is not always user-friendly works.

Rather more when you have a low credit score all those things going to be very horrible for you. So, what to do then? Better search a lender whose main aim is to create a market for the people with a poor credit score.

As a low credit score force you to count a higher interest rate, therefore you need to compare all the offers so that you could get the special one.

We have caught some best options for you. Just look at below-

Prestige Financial:

A low credit score may come for various reasons. Poor credit score due to Bankruptcy can go with Prestige Financial. Bankruptcy brings an odd spot to the user credit score, which in turns makes a severe hassle to get the auto loan. Prestige Financial has some good offer for the loan seeker with such types of credit scores.

Benefits of Prestige Financial:

  • Qualified customer who provides payments on time, can get a deductible interest rate from Prestige Financial. And this rate can be reduced up to 0.5% per months, 2% yearly.
  • You can go with both individuals or joint loan application with Prestige Financial. And the good thing is, if you apply with such of your co-applicant which has a good credit score, it also gonna make you qualify to enjoy a lower interest rate.
  • The primary eligibility to get a loan from Prestige Financial is, for an individual loan, it needs minimum $2,250 your income and minimum $2,750 when you are applying with another good credit holder co-applicants.


Autopay is most suitable for refinancing the car. Purchasing a new or used vehicle from any dealer, private party loan, and from any other options-all are widely included in the Autopay market option. You have the scope to get the loan for a traditional car purchasing, refinancing the used one, leased one and so on.

Benefits of Autopay:

1. Never think Autopay is a lender. It’s just a market place from where you can find your lenders so that you can shop for an auto loan with your bad credit score.

2. Autopay offers pre-qualification. You can search the affordable coverage with an estimated rate with all monthly terms (not gonna affecting your credit scores). However, don’t think Autopay receive an application for pre-qualification purpose, that means the deal is final. Yet, the applicant has to wait to get the loan approval.

3. Autopay also offers you a more comprehensive range of loan coverage. The coverage amounts still vary form ($2,500-$100,000 with a term range of 24-84 monthly).

4. AutoPay offers co-applicants loan facility.

5.Autopay also sell additional products like Vehicle Service Contracts, Guaranteed Asset Protection Policy.

New Roads:

New Roads, is best for offering an interest rate discount for the customer with the low credit score. Consumer Portfolio Services are offering this loan service through its central lending division named New Roads. New Roads provide discounts on a specific model (both new or used, used one needs some certification as well).

Benefits of New Roads:

  • New Roads offers loan for used, new and leased car.
  • In 30 states, New Roads are actively providing their product service.
  • New Roads don’t ask for any down payments even from the low credit scorer. But the interest rate will increase for the whole life of the coverage.
  • New Roads are a new hope for the credit card scorer with a spot of Bankruptcy and Repossession. New Roads except for application with both the odd marks on your credits core.
  • You can apply with co-buyer on New Roads Platform.


Perhaps you have a low credit score, but you might not want to shop moving around rather than you are in love for a one-stop-shop! So, people like you can rely on Carvana, as it is best for one-stop shopping. However, Carvana is famous for the networking of the Vending machine (on where buyers can keep their car).

Benefits of Carvana:

1.Carvana only offer one type of loan. So, you can finance for a car which is in stock of Carvana’ inventory. When you need a different kind of loan, or if you have any issue with Carvana’s inventory, you have to pick other lenders from your network.

2. Carvana offers you pre-qualification. So, you can calculate the estimates rates and terms which not will hit on your credit score. Carvana’s pre-qualification offers perfect for 45 days. (others have for 30 days only).

3.Applicants need to a minimum yearly income of $400 (with no active bankruptcies) to get an auto loan from Carvana.

4. Carvana does not allow a co-signer or co-applicant.


MyAutoLoan is an online platform to search the excellent auto coverage from the lenders for the low credit scores. From this platform, you can get more or less four loan offers within some minutes.

Benefits of MyAutoLoan:

  • MyAutoLoan offers a more comprehensive car loan range. New car loan, used car loan, lease buyout, Refinancing loan all are covered in this place.
  • Lenders present in MyAutoLoan network also offer a car loan with the bankruptcy spot on the credit score.
  • MyAutoLoan has Interest Rate Calculator. So, you can see any estimated loan amount and interest rates with your current credit score.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

FAQ-One: What Banks offer Bed Credit Auto Loans?

Answer: Prestige Financial, AutoPay, Carvana, MyAutoLoan, New Roads etc. offer you bad credit auto loans. You can compare the estimated coverage amount with the number of terms accordingly with your credit score from all of them. Besides this, they have some other facilities which are expecting the low credit scorer.

FAQ-Two: What is the Lowest Credit Score to buy a car? 

Answer: It was 657 for the used car when the credit score for getting a new car loan was 721, however, with the credit score of 600 or below 500 also available purchasing the new or used car.  

Final verdict:

Since people with bad credit score have to face so much difficulty to find the auto loan, therefore they need to shop around to compare the coverage and find the best one with lowest interest rates.

However, if you can positively build your credit score, it can lower your interest rate throughout the whole lifespan of the auto loan.

However, badly need a car might force you to get a Bad Credit Auto Loans from any reputed lender. Paying the instalment on time, if possible, give a substantial down payment. Both these can help you to deduct your interest rate.

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